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Absorption via our largest organ- Our Skin -

Here at Babar Too Co we are huge advocates of health & wellness through education, nutrition, food, exercise and a holistic approach to our bodies the way God intended them to function and HEAL themselves. 
We are grateful we are able to create products without harsh chemicals. Whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed! Yup! Even those harsh chemicals in your sunscreens etc, unless they're made with Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide. Interestingly enough, your face is said to absorb more than other parts of your body. 
Another product to watch out for is perfumes! Try and stick with natural aromatherapy alternatives, such as our Family Friendly Roll Ons! (our custom blends are a hit with both him & her!)
Think about what type of fabrics you're using on your skin, can it breathe? Stay away from any synthetic fibers including polyester. Think cotton, think silk, think wool, and hemp.
Finally, use it our lose it! We believe that if you don't use your body, it will deterior…