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Absorption via our largest organ- Our Skin -

Here at Babar Too Co we are huge advocates of health & wellness through education, nutrition, food, exercise and a holistic approach to our bodies the way God intended them to function and HEAL themselves. 
We are grateful we are able to create products without harsh chemicals. Whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed! Yup! Even those harsh chemicals in your sunscreens etc, unless they're made with Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide. Interestingly enough, your face is said to absorb more than other parts of your body. 
Another product to watch out for is perfumes! Try and stick with natural aromatherapy alternatives, such as our Family Friendly Roll Ons! (our custom blends are a hit with both him & her!)
Think about what type of fabrics you're using on your skin, can it breathe? Stay away from any synthetic fibers including polyester. Think cotton, think silk, think wool, and hemp.
Finally, use it our lose it! We believe that if you don't use your body, it will deterior…

Natural Ways to Boost Serotonin

B Vitamins
Omega fatty acids
Vitamin D
Try Supplementing & Foods Rich in these nutrients to help beat depression & maintain optimal health

Things to watch out for in science: Are microbes (think friendly bacteria) what is ultimately needed for optimal brain health?

Dementia and Natural Alternatives

There have long been links to healthy eating being a preventative measure for dementia (and pretty much all disease for that matter). A Mediterranean diet rich in plant-based foods, leafy greens, fruits and veg, nuts and seeds certainly has an impact on preventing dementia.

Try turmeric with its component curcumin is also noted to help. The herb ashwagandha also has neuroregenerative properties.

Thanks to Nick Andrews we have this:

Natural Care

There's a lot of things going on in the world today. Some would say there always has been. For us, we believe that nature can provide one of the most powerful tools to combat illness & disease. Food as medicine. Maybe think raw, think Mediterranean cuisine. This also helps our emotional health which is so important to nurture!

The idea of natropathic medicine to help treat cancer care. Integration of treatments. 

Moving the body is so important & vital to prepare the body for procedures, healing & overall endurance. Coupled with more than enough sleep as rest is surely essential (Melatonin and magnesium are often helpful in this department). 

Natural options for treatments to manage side effects include exercise, physiotherapy, reflexology, yoga, massage & meditation for anything from fatigue, pain, nausea, depression & anxiety. 

Check out the TPOISE at Ottawa Hospital where surgeons, oncologists & natropathic doctors work to provide integrated care for particu…

Food Rescue!

According to Alive Magazine, the problem is not the quantity of food in the world, rather the distribution of food that is the issue. One third of all food that is produced is never eaten, usually finding its way to landfill sites. 

To help participate in combating food waste check out, headed up by Lori Nikkel and what she calls the 'redistribution challenge'. (pg. 14 April 2019 Alive Magazine). In Ontario there's a great website that matches food donors with recipients! How amazing is that!

The food banks most are used to offer little in terms of fresh nutritious food, so a lot of the focus of these food rescues is just that- to provide fresh and nutritious food. If you're worried about the liabilities, often companies that donate their food in good faith are usually protected. (check out 

Try to become anti food waste at home~meal preps, use produce that may not look the nicest, compost (it's a great family activity too) &a…

Some Resources for Self Care

It includes a variety of ways to look after yourself including physically, emotionally, spiritually and meeting your own personal needs. Nutrition is high on the list of self care. We need to be mindful and nurture our bodies. 

We credit Alive Magazine to having an excellent compilation of Mental Health strategies.

Glorious Garlic

Superfood (in raw form)...Aphrodisiac...Natural Antibiotic...Tasty as it gets...this is why we love garlic!

Everyone should consider growing garlic in their gardens this and every year. Although you often see 3 bulbs for less than $1, we don't advise that sort of garlic over local organic garlic, or your own home grown! Yes it's pungent, it makes your hands smell but oh the benefits far outweigh any worry of bad breath. It adds so much depth to its dishes!

It's used around the world in thousands of dishes and comes in a multitude of varieties.  We love Purple Striped and 'Music' an Ontario variety considered a hardnecked vs softnecked. 

In both world wars garlic was given to soldiers to help fend off gangrene. It wards off food poisoning, helps our hearts by relaxing blood vessels allowing blood to pass more easily, known to decrease risk of various cancers and can help prevent the common cold. Need we say more?!?

'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food&…