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Basics of Diabetes

There are 3 types of diabetes :
gestational-where 4% of pregnant woman suffer from diabetes complicating things for mom and baby
type 1 -which has an onset early in life 
type 2 - which makes up approximately 90% of all diabetes and usually occurs later on in life although unfortunately seen on the rise in youth as well

Insulin created in the pancreas keeps blood sugar levels down. Diabetics either don't respond properly to it or produce enough insulin. When the blood sugar gets too high over time it affects body tissues. 

Diabetes affects over 3 million Canadians.

Symptoms are often increased thirst, hunger and urination, infections that don't heal, frequent infections, unusual tiredness. 

People with a sedentary lifestyle, smokers, and people that are obese are at a far higher risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Ethnicity may also play a role. 

There can be many complications with diabetes, however healthcare has come a long way allowing people with the disease to live ful…

Time to Exfoliate!

Now that winter is long gone and spring is drawing to a close, it's a great time to exfoliate your skin and get ready for summer. 
By exfoliating you're simply removing dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin. This process helps aid circulation and leaves you more radiant! Not only will you have smoother skin, it's great to avoid those annoying ingrown hairs too! 
Babar Too Co creates wonderful Raw Sugar Body Scrubs that let you exfoliate naturally!
 Loaded with coconut oil and natural fragrances Vanilla Bean, Lemongrass, Lovely Lavender, Pure Peppermnt & Bavarian Chocolate. (and of course Original Unscented)