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Showing posts from October 5, 2014

Foods that Fight Pain

Food as medicine...not a bad concept is it.

Try eating :
cherries and tumeric to help with achy joints
Nuts for cramps
Peppermint and coconut for digestive pain
Beans for heartburn
Ginger for sore muscles and upset stomach
Coffee and pumpkin seeds for headaches

Ever thought about Bird Watching?

Bird watching could be fun for the whole family whether it be in parks, cities, forest, or your own yard, taking a minute to observe birds in their natural habitat. You don't have to take it as serious as some do, or you could. Just being outside is beneficial! Getting some sunlight is too! Just remember your sunblock. By watching for birds, you create a sort of adventure. You have to find the birds whatever the terrain. You could pretty much walk, canoe, hike, bike and bird watch all at the same time.

Helpful Foods For Asthma

If you or your child suffers from Asthma here are some guidelines of foods to eat: garlic, onion, wild fish, vegetables & fruits
and avoid: nuts dairy & egg shellfish food colouring & additives