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Coconut Orange Blossom

mmm. This is our latest scent, and it really is delicious. (although eating it is not advised hehe :) Bath & Body Oils...Fizzies...Scrubs...Lip Balms...mmm is right. All now available in Coconut Orange Blossom
Happy Summer. It's a hot one here in Ontario!


Dora Maar Spanish Love Old Fisherman

Pablo Picasso


fas·tid·i·ous/fasˈtidēəs/Adjective: 1.Very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail.

2.Concerned about matters of cleanliness
Synonyms: choosy - choosey - particular - nice - squeamish - dainty

*taken from google

The Most Sprayed

According to the Environmental Working Group, the following are the most heavily sprayed crops:
Lettuce Potatoes Sweet Bell Peppers Spinach Peaches Strawberries Apples Celery Blueberries Nectarines Grapes

The Most Genetically Modified

Corn  Soy   Cottonseed  Pork  Salmon  Papaya  Canola  Alfalfa   Sugar Beets   Golden Rice