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Thank you to our Loyal Customers!

'...I bought your healing balm- with sweet almond oil, calendula and beeswax and I love it.
I am almost out and was wondering if I could order a couple jars as well as some more glycerin soap. I am now living in Ottawa so Iwas wondering if you could please mail it to me?! Its done miracles for my skin!!'
-recent email BTC received from happy customer :)

Social Responsibility Spotlight

Watch the movie Food Inc.

What is Fair Trade?

World Fair Trade Day Logo
It's a specific approach to international trade that supports improving the well-being and livelihood of artisans that are usually disadvantaged (often women). Fair Trade advocates paying fair prices for the goods purchased and tries to provide an ongoing relationship.
Check out the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)

Social Responsibility Spotlight