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Boosting Immunity Naturally

Honey...Garlic...Echinacea...Acidophilus...Vitamin C... Vitamin E...Fruits...Veggies...Yogurt

Local Honey
Eating Local Honey is an excellent way for adults to stay nourished. Honey from local bees is best as the benefits of the honey boost immunity and help you to thrive in your environment and potentially build tolerance to seasonal allergies. Honey boosts energy, is great for sore throats, and is known to relieve morning sickness. It's rich in antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamin B. You can also use honey topically on wounds and as an antibiotic on diabetic ulcers and burns. Known as an anti fungal and anti inflammatory. Just remember to buy unpasteurized/raw honey to keep many of the benefits intact.

Come Visit Babar Too Co

At this year's CSI Buckhorn Show!
Clothing, Samples, Inspiration
for Ladies only

Saturday February 25th

Buckhorn Community Centre

Food, Fashion Shows, Fundraising!

Every Attendee will receive from BTC a free lip balm!

For more information check out the CSI Buckhorn website:
P. J. Stuckey - Schooner Hoshi - Island Cruising Club - Crossing Salcombe Bar