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Just Thinkin

It's almost too easy: Simply by taking your attention off thoughts of scarcity and persistently focusing on observations of abundance, you can replace the nervous, just-in-case mindset that kept our ancient forebears alive but is killing many of us.
-written by Martha Beck
Forgiveness is healing and freeing. It is a choice and it isn't easy. Make the choice and let go of ifs. Get over the past, you can't move forward in neutral. You are not controlled by those that have wronged you, get on with your own life and do good things with it. Forgiveness is not forgetting or pretending it didn't happen. Choose peace!
-inspired by the Salvation Army Magazine article written by Bob Armstrong
Find greater joy! Everyone wants to enjoy their life. We need to pay attention to what we think and how we think. Try and choose positive thoughts on purpose. What you think is often what you become. Control your mouth and always think before you speak, control your emotions, and …

Local Events for October 22nd

Buckhorn Observatory Presents
Autumn Star-Scape
Show starts at 8:30 p.m on clear nights

Keene Pumpkinfest & Car Show

Peterborough Photo Walk Starts at Natas Cafe at 8:45am

McLean Berry Farm Annual Pumpkin Festival

Check out for a great daily event guide!