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Lip Balms

Bavarian Chocolate - Pure Peppermint - Original - Cinnamon - Coffee - Anise

De Stress & Sleep Tight!

With Our Wonderful Temple Balms

Lovely Lavender- Stress Relief, Relaxation, Bed Time Pure Peppermint- Headache Relief, Relaxation, Respertory

Boost Your Memory!

There are natural supplements (readily available) to help memory. A few are listed below.

Vitamin B12 - After the age of about 50, this vitamin is not easily absorbed. Deficiencies are connected to problems with concentration, mood, and confusion.

Ginko Biloba - Oxygenates the blood, said to improve memory function.

DHA - An omega 3 fatty acid already found in the brain.

Curcumin - Found in tumeric it gives the spice it's colour. Anti inflammatory linked to improving cell damage in the brain.