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Pumpkin is full of vitamins and minerals including antioxidants and fibre. Think orange, think vitamin A. It's got vitamins C & E, and iron too.

When choosing a festive pumpkin ask if it's the edible kind, an average pumpkin would be enough pumpkin for 15 pies!

Some Fresh Stock!

Fall & Winter Menu '11 & '12

Babar Too Co.
Lip Balms Bavarian Chocolate*Original Unscented*Pure Peppermint*Anise*Cinnamon*Coffee*Candy Cane

Bath Salts & Fizzies Orange*Muskoka Buttermilk*Soya Cinnamon*Lovely  Lavender*Eucalyptus*Bavarian Chocolate*Autumn Spice*Cranberry Clove*Vanilla Chai Tea*Black Cherry*Vanilla Rose*Candy Cane

Bath & Body Oils Vitality*Coconut*Pure Peppermint*Cinnamon*Lovely Lavender*Vanilla Rose*Lemon*Bavarian Chocolate*Original Unscented*Eucalyptus*Autumn Spice*Candy Cane

Body Scrubs *Cranberry Sugar*Chocolate Sugar*Vanilla Sugar

Omega Lotions Original Unscented*Lovely Lavender*Vanilla Rose

CandyCane Bath Salts