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Beneficial Ingredients

Who knew cinnamon helps lower cholesterol, and can have a regulatory effect on blood sugar? Such a simple and delicious spice, sprinkle some in your yogurt, on your pancakes, in your cookies, on your hot chocolate, or even in your java! Some other health benefits include anti-clotting properties, possible reduction in the proliferation of some cancer cells, even treating arthritis pain.
We here at Babar Too use cinnamon in many of our products like our latest bath salts 'Cinnamon Soya'

Chocolate AAABGY/E7_5lhPmF1k/s320/chocolate-cocoa.jpg 
Real dark chocolate (not the stuff in O'Henry bars)  is a known mood enhancer, traditional aphrodisiac , aid in lowering cholesterol, and is full of antioxidants, those good things that fight free radicals in our bodies!
So remember Valentine's Day is on it's way...maybe you want to grab some chocolate!