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So GMO's...

Genetically modified organisms (GM foods) are unfortunately a common part of life now days. They're actually listed as pesticides with the Environmental Protection Agency, and fail to meet allergy health screening through World Health Organizations standards. It's not like it would say GM on the label, actually natural foods that are not GM'd will usually say so on the label. Should it not be the reverse? Governments and especially biotech companies are good at keeping information away from the mainstream, and further from our awareness. So we wanted to share just a few FACTS:
-when genetically modified soy flour was given to female rats, the majority of their babies died within 3 weeks and for those that did survive, they were smaller and suffered from fertility problems. Male rats experienced testicular discoloration and damaged sperm cells, therefore fewer offspring, and smaller babies. Farmers themselves have commonly reported fertility issues with their livestock.
Facts aside, the US infant mortality rate and infertility are all on the rise. Could there be a correlation between the food we're consuming and these sad results?

Did you know that when insects bite GM corn or cotton, they basically get a bite of toxins which splits open their stomach's and they die. We need to be conscious of where our food is coming from and things like allergy tests confirm that some people react to GM soy, but not to non-GM soy. Interesting.


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