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The Meaning of Babar - Part 2

Babar...Strong. Ahead of it's Time because it Follows the Past.

              We love using traditional methods of creating our goodies. Our products are all natural & handmade. We love wooden spoons and stainless steel bowls! We don't like plastics or chemicals!

               To us, Babar is symbolic of comfort. Our mascot will remain our loyal teddy whom we've had since before our company's creation! The snuggle bear...yup that's him.

               Babar's Mughal Empire ruled most of South Asia by the late 17th century, and it ended in the mid 19th. It's population estimated at 110 million to 150 million, and over 3 million square kilometers.

Ovaltine & Yummy Things

Our new Lovely Lavender Lotion & Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Ovaltine has made a comeback in our pantry, winter's definitely coming! With that, comes fabulous Craft shows & markets galore! We're going to go visit One of A Kind Christmas Craft Show this Sunday with friends. Babar Too isn't exhibiting, rather going to enjoy the show, check out some fascinating works of art,  the layout & setup of such an amazing consumer show, & of course the food at One of A Kind Flavors.

Vanilla Sugar Scrub
One month til Christmas Eve!

Christmas Will Soon Be Upon Us

It's beginning to look like Christmas with main street decorated in pretty winter wreaths & bright blue lights. It's lovely; tonight there was just a skiff of snow. It's been pretty warm which although great for deliveries, seems a bit out of sorts for this time of year. Yet it always feels such a short time ago that it was warm & consistently sunny, just think a month tomorrow... is Christmas Eve.

          Let's embrace this Christmas with excitement! Not rushed but welcomed, & genuinely enjoyed at each stage. With thankfulness realize this incredibly diverse world, & be greatrful for every blessing!         Think.....Plan.....Act.......     Tis the Season!

Our newest products are out.....

Vanilla Sugar Body Scrubhandmade with organic turbinado sugar & vanilla. Blended with moisturizing grapeseed oil &
Omega 3 Face & Body Lotion available in Cranberry Clove,  Cinnamon Bark,  Lovely Lavender,  or Original