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Showing posts from August 22, 2010

Simple Ingredients....Mean More Goodness

Ok, so when you're at the grocery store you don't purposely fill up your basket with products that are chalked full of harmful chemicals or carcinogens do you?

We consider ourselves to be pretty savvy shoppers. So why then, our question to you is, are we so quick as a population to throw any old product into our basket when shopping for body products? Body products have ingredients lists too. Those ingredients are easily and quickly absorbed into your skin and in turn, your bloodstream.

Remember that what you purchase is a conscious choice and there are virtually every kind of product you could possibly want to find out there. So have fun, go look for the best, and buy only what you believe in! Remember that organic doesn't mean certified organic, and natural doesn't mean fresh. Also don't be deceived into thinking that just because you use 'quality' as in expensive products you're safe, often they're just as bad on the toxic scale as their cheaper co…