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Happy Birthday Fabulous Canada!

We are so blessed as Canadians to be able to live where we do, breathe the air we do, drink the water we have right from a tap, and to utilize the abundant products & services available to us.
Buying local is a great way to support local producers and their talents. It can often 'cut out the middleman', and keep money within the local economy rather than going elsewhere. Buying locally does the environment good by avoiding costly, toxic modes of transportation and doesn't waste energy.

You don't have to become a 'locavore' to appreciate local quality! Food that has been produced locally is far more likely to be less preserved with chemicals than food that gets shipped in, and probably contains less packaging too.

Industrial food production relies heavily on fossil fuel consumption, which equal greenhouse gasses which equal climate change... Whereas local production creates jobs, provides wages, and strengthens the municipal tax base.  Overall, just better …