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Showing posts from June 13, 2010

Babar Too's hitting the Town(s :) ... We're Expanding...

This summer Babar Too will be expanding their availability further across Ontario, including being available in stores, spas & clinics from North BaytoToronto, PeterboroughtoParry Sound     by fall/winter season 2010.
*If you have a business, ask us today for your free sample package. *Want a BABAR TOO grab bag? Just ask us for a free sample today!

Only the best make it into our bottles!
There are more than 60 oranges worth of pure oil in that little bottle, & more than 40 lemons & 50 limes

*shown here BABAR TOO Moisturizing Massage Oil in Autumn Spice & this year's Summer Newbie *Lemon Bath & Massage Oils mmmmmmmmmmmm......

Interested in helping with some research? ... on common daily products, both in the packaging and in cosmetic and/or body products themselves, take a look at David Suzuki's current survey study:
BABAR TOO wishes everyone a gr…