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Showing posts from May 9, 2010

It's May, Congratulations...Now R E L A X

The gardens are growing, greening, and changing everyday. The soil awaits the rain! And ahhh, the flowers bloom. Congatulations, we've all made it to glorious May!

Thank you for the positive feedback on our Mother's Day baskets. We trust everyone was able to be extra nice to their momma's whether in person or thought!

It's about time to treat yourself to some you time, as little workoholic BabarTooers, we know how necessary, exhilirating and sometimes just plain thrilling some chill time can be. Whether you've got half hour for a soak, a whole evening for a mini spa, or an entire weekend to hide away being innocently naughty, along side our bath and body line, we recommend a home spa of sorts...

TIDBIT: Use some simple household ingredientsto make a quick, 'personalized' face or body mask and then enjoy some relaxation time in the tub and come out feeling fabulous and refreshed...
TIDBIT TIP: Try some of these lushingredients:
Lemon- for brighter and softer …