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The Language of Tropical Flowers

Whether it's the origin of aflower'sname, it's symbolism or relation to mythology, or just it's distinctive characteristics, almost everyone likes flowers of some sort or another. Flowers have been associated with different meanings throughout the ages. They are a frequent symbol of loveworldwide and have even been used by governments as thank you gifts.

Photographer: Roger Rains Destination: Dominican Republic Winter 2010

These next ones are from a good friend's gardens, who's gracious enough to have agreed to be growing us some of our organic lavender and mint this year.
Gardener: Scotia Rains Spring 2010

So what really is ORGANIC anyway?

A tribute to Earth Day, April 22nd

Recently, and more than ever, we are hearing the term 'organic'. To most of us we automatically think no pesticide use. Good answer, but there's a whole lot more to it. Organic is not new. It is normal. What we do to our food today is what has changed.  Is it due to a lack of better judgment that it has become socially acceptable?

Did you know that organic foods are actually proven to be healthier for you?  They are loaded with more nutrients than non-organic alternatives. Organic foods lack unhealthy food additives and genetically modified organisms (thank goodness!). Lastly they just TASTE BETTER.

Read a summary of BBC's article below from and expand your knowledge of this rapidly growing (and for good reason!) trend.

Background Guide # 1- Organic Food as taken directly from

Organic agriculture is defined as a system of farming bas…