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From Nature To You

TIDBIT: Help your skin help you Most people don't realize that within 30 seconds of putting something on your skin (or smelling something), it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream and tissues. Why then do we act somewhat ignorant when choosing products that go on our face and body? Try to be diligent, choosing products with only natural ingredients and no harmful carcinogens or neuro-toxins, which aside from having proven cancer causing properties, potential nerve damaging capabilities, and inhibiting the natural absorption of vitamins and minerals, they can negatively affect your immune system.

TIDBIT TIP: Next time you're looking for an air freshener, skip the harmful commercial sprays all together, forever, and go with baking soda, or fresh flowers'll be glad you did. It's the same with makeup or any bath or body product you decide to buy-  (which is also like voting for what you believe in) make sure it is worthy of your purchase.

Lilac In the do…