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It's time to get ready for spring!

Well the sun is shining, people are out walking, talking about springtime! And what better way to jump-start spring, than to start planting! All you need are the basic elements of planting outdoors,light, seeds, soil, water and maybe food.

Depending on your seeds, you can plant up to 3 months before the last frost. When to start your seeds can be a bit of guesswork. You will need to know when the last expected frost date is. Then just check your seed packet to see how many weeks growth are required before moving your plants outdoors. Count back that many weeks from your last expected frost date...and voila, the time you should start. It is usually suggested however, that you go with the shortest time frame, for example, if it says 4-6 weeks, use 4.

You are welcome to go and spend money on jiffy pots, and fancy domes, but you can also just use plain old cartons, egg, milk, cream etc...cut them off at the desired height and start planting.

Planting is great for children, and singles …