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Happy New Year
Whether we admit it or not, New Year's signifies transition. Some crave change, and are constantly rearranging life's various elements. Some adore routine, making transition more stressful.

Whatever way you look at it, without sounding cliché, it is an opportunity to start can be a fresh beginning. That's what we've decided to do here at Babar Too Co. We are excited to bring in and welcome the new year.

We promise to give our all to each and every one of our products and transactions. We aways have of course, but this year with real emphasis on each process in our small operation. Thank you to each of our customers.

Happy 2011.
Love Babar Too

Merry Christmas

The World is Weird and Wonderful
11 days out til Christmas. Are you ready? Have you prepared?  Have you enjoyed the ride along the way? Have you remembered the true meaning of Christmas? Are you in the middle of going through all your seasonal traditions, baking that particular cookie, cake, and treat.. we're all about the chocolate this year! Chocolate truffles, dark European chocolate,  and of course the shortbread! Umm and the gingerbread cheesecake.
Ginger is known for its treatment of nausea, including for chemotherapy patients, morning sickness or even seasickness. It is also known to supress coughing and aid in congestion.

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Blends

...Welcome Christmas 2010 & Babar Too's new concept design:

theBath Candy Shop...

Vanilla Sugar Face & Body Scrub...a blend of turbinado sugar & grapeseed oils

Omega 3 Face & Body Lotion...a rich lotion available in lovely lavender, original unscented, cinnamon bark, & cranberry clove

Bavarian Chocolate Lip Balm...pure almond & chocolate oils make this a festive treat. Beeswax protects & heals

Bath Salts...a blend of epsom salts & soya powder infused with our own cranberry clove, pure peppermint, cinnamon bark, or eucalyptus all natural fragrance

Menu fin.

The Meaning of Babar - Part 2

Babar...Strong. Ahead of it's Time because it Follows the Past.

              We love using traditional methods of creating our goodies. Our products are all natural & handmade. We love wooden spoons and stainless steel bowls! We don't like plastics or chemicals!

               To us, Babar is symbolic of comfort. Our mascot will remain our loyal teddy whom we've had since before our company's creation! The snuggle bear...yup that's him.

               Babar's Mughal Empire ruled most of South Asia by the late 17th century, and it ended in the mid 19th. It's population estimated at 110 million to 150 million, and over 3 million square kilometers.

Ovaltine & Yummy Things

Our new Lovely Lavender Lotion & Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Ovaltine has made a comeback in our pantry, winter's definitely coming! With that, comes fabulous Craft shows & markets galore! We're going to go visit One of A Kind Christmas Craft Show this Sunday with friends. Babar Too isn't exhibiting, rather going to enjoy the show, check out some fascinating works of art,  the layout & setup of such an amazing consumer show, & of course the food at One of A Kind Flavors.

Vanilla Sugar Scrub
One month til Christmas Eve!

Christmas Will Soon Be Upon Us

It's beginning to look like Christmas with main street decorated in pretty winter wreaths & bright blue lights. It's lovely; tonight there was just a skiff of snow. It's been pretty warm which although great for deliveries, seems a bit out of sorts for this time of year. Yet it always feels such a short time ago that it was warm & consistently sunny, just think a month tomorrow... is Christmas Eve.

          Let's embrace this Christmas with excitement! Not rushed but welcomed, & genuinely enjoyed at each stage. With thankfulness realize this incredibly diverse world, & be greatrful for every blessing!         Think.....Plan.....Act.......     Tis the Season!

Our newest products are out.....

Vanilla Sugar Body Scrubhandmade with organic turbinado sugar & vanilla. Blended with moisturizing grapeseed oil &
Omega 3 Face & Body Lotion available in Cranberry Clove,  Cinnamon Bark,  Lovely Lavender,  or Original

The Meaning of Babar - Part 1

Babar.Indian.  Means lion. There was a 16th century Indian ruler named Babar, who founded the Mughal dynasty; an imperial power that ruled much of the Indian Subcontinent also known as South Asia.


We all Love Fresh!

Every order we make is handmade  within the week of delivery...
Fresh from Us to You!

*Bavarian Chocolate Lip Balms
*Pure Peppermint Bath Oil
*Bavarian Chocolate Massage Oil
*Sweet Baby Balms

First Snow of the Season!

It was a beautiful day full of huge snowflakes falling on and off all day. It was lovely!

Our booth at Hand To Man Christmas Craft Show November 5th

Our goodies at the Christmas Show Nov 5, 6, 7th

Thank you to all of our followers!

Whether you're an informal or formal follower of our blog & products, we want to say Thank You!
It feels good knowing we have a good thing going and appreciate any feedback you may have.
Watch for our Christmas Blends...Coming Soon!


 Come see us at:
The Hand to ManChristmas Show
Hosted by : the Peterborough Guild of Arts & Crafts November 5th-7th

Memorial Centre

Thanks to everyone we met today, it was great to see the support!

Girls Day Out & Markets

This weekend we're excited to be attending the Annual Girls Weekend at the United Church in Keene, to promote women, healthy pregnencies & parenthood, and overall well being from the inside out (whilst having a little fun and trying out exciting therapies & classes)! Check out our booth, we'll be there from 1pm-4pm.

Food Markets are such an integral part of everyday life in so many places throughout the world. They are accessible & necessary. They act as restaurants, stores, social meeting places,& grand events. They create inspiration, imagination, wonder, & want. They fulfil a need & provide basics of life.
Marrakech Spice Market, Morocco

Our Luxurious Fall 2010 Product Line

Moisturizing Massage Oils(made with 100% pure sweet almond oil)in Autumn Spice, Cinnamon Bark, & Bavarian Chocolate

Luscious Lip BalmsinPomegranate, Original, & Bavarian Chocolate

Beautiful Bath SaltsinChai Tea(with handground vanilla bean),Lovely Lavender, Orange, &Eucalyptus

All of our batches are freshly prepared before sale & shipment.

BABAR TOO loves SUMMER...fresh, fun, & adventerous!

Art in the Park at Arrowhead Provincial August 2010 Artist- Susan Columbia

We wish everyone a happy Labour Day long Weekend!
We'll be working hard on perfecting our soon to come Autumn Blends...ahhh...
Cinnamon Bark...Autumn Spice...
Field just outside Peterborough, ON  August 2010

Simple Ingredients....Mean More Goodness

Ok, so when you're at the grocery store you don't purposely fill up your basket with products that are chalked full of harmful chemicals or carcinogens do you?

We consider ourselves to be pretty savvy shoppers. So why then, our question to you is, are we so quick as a population to throw any old product into our basket when shopping for body products? Body products have ingredients lists too. Those ingredients are easily and quickly absorbed into your skin and in turn, your bloodstream.

Remember that what you purchase is a conscious choice and there are virtually every kind of product you could possibly want to find out there. So have fun, go look for the best, and buy only what you believe in! Remember that organic doesn't mean certified organic, and natural doesn't mean fresh. Also don't be deceived into thinking that just because you use 'quality' as in expensive products you're safe, often they're just as bad on the toxic scale as their cheaper co…

Basking in Summer... in More Ways than One
Yup, we all love the feel of the sun on our face, our bodies, it feels intoxicating, warm, & just plain good!
Here at  Babar Too Co.  we love hot summer days.   For one, it allows our herbs to get nice & dry before being added & blended into our products. Right now our rosebuds are basking away in a basket & our fresh organic mint is starting to look more dehydrated by the hour....Secondly, it's inspiring!
We have to remember that we have the ability to aid our bodies & minds to feel as good as basking in the sun even during the storms... You see, it's all a matter of perspective isn't it! Positive thinking to avoid sounding cliché- try it, you'd be amazed :) ...& may even learn a lesson in humility...

When we're cold, we want to be warmer. When we're hot we want to be cooler....& the list goes on. Let's just take a step back, breathe, & enjoy the moment & it…