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'Tis still the Season

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate and enjoy a wonderful Christmas season. We filled our orders and had a lovely old time making up some new batches of festive bath salts, bath fizzies, and of course lots of Bavarian Chocolate goodies! Oh how we love Christmas!

We are currently working on some upcoming endeavors for 2010, including attending the Baysville Walkabout on July 24th 9am-4pm in beautiful Baysville, Muskoka. After all, it is just around the corner now...what better way to occupy time during this lovely Muskoka winter than to do a little old fashioned planning. Hope to see you this summer at one of our booths.

Port Sydney, Mary Lake Winter 2009

Herbs Around Home for Some Christmas Time Relaxation

A Quick Refresher on some Common Household Ingredients...

Eucalyptus isn't just what Koala Bears eat, it's a great decongestent & sinus aid. Add a few drops of the essential oil to your next bath & enjoy! It also has anti bacterial properties.

Peppermint is the key ingredient in delicious candy canes, but it also acts as a digestive aid & muscle relaxant & is jolly nice in a cup of tea when splashed with a touch of real maple syrup or local honey.

Cloves promote digestion & help to regulate body temperature. So go ahead & sprinkle some atop your eggnog this Christmas or in your stovetop rum!

Cinnamonhas traditionally been used for sore throats & as a mild anti inflammatory among other purposes. It smells welcoming & festive simmering on the stove... just add a few cinnamon sticks to a pot of water.

Lavender has been used for centuries as a multi-purpose herbal remedy, and does appear to have antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory,…

Thyme is a flyin'

Outside simplicity, natural diversity

This past summer we were fortunate to attend some great local farmer's markets including Independent Grocers on Friday's and Canadian Tire  on Thursday's in Huntsville. 

We look forward to expanding our circuit next year.

Here is the very garden in which the majority of our herbs grow including our lovely lavender, & pure peppermint.

Of course with just a bit of practice, you can grow your own veggies too. Herbs compliment vegetable gardens very well. For example, try a couple rows of potatoes, followed by some beans and peas, and maybe some tomatoes or zucchini and garlic,  then some echenaceia, sage, oregano, and lavender.  Here in Muskoka we're in gardening zone 4.

Creating The Goodies & Filling Orders

Each batch of product takes special planning, measuring, & time. We strive to make each order fresh from start to finish with each order.
We don't use microwaves or any aluminum pots to keep the integrity of our products as holistic as possible, and wherever possible our containers & packaging is made from recycled materials, and purchased within Canada.

Babar Too Co. Out & About Delivering Our Goodies....

We only hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

Setting up at Baysville Walkabout Summer 2009

Christmas Season 2009

These are new for the Christmas 2009 Season... Bath Fizzie Gift Bags in Lovely Lavender or Orange Getting Ready to Make Gift BasketsBaby Balm in Original

We're up and running...

Welcome Let us introduce ourselves... We are a small maker of all natural & handmade bath & body products, based out of Huntsville, Muskoka Canada. We like to create only the finest ingredient goods & meet the needs of our customers along the way. We invite you to join us in our journies to come. We look forward to the ride...