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A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Our health is so very important. When our bodies are working as they should, health=HEAL, when our amazing bodies can actually heal themselves from the inside. Nurture yourself :)

Here's just a reminder of what to be conscious of when it comes to our personal health.  Amy Green from the University of Calgary gave us some food for thought. Here's a brief synopsis:

Physical Wellness
-sweat out toxins, exercise, sauna
-eat foods that enable our bodies to be HEALthy
-know your bodies sensitivities to food 

Spiritual Wellness
-often people find this through religious means, we recommend skipping the 'religion' and having a close and intimate relationship with God directly
-regular meditation, think even just 5 minutes a day
-know how to forgive, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Be compassionate

Intellectual Wellness
-take part in creative processes
-engage in life long learning, this can be different for everyone. Interact constantly with people smarter than yourself, visit galleries and museums, listen to classical music, attend lecture, watch documentaries, read non fiction, learn about culture (most things in this world are not done how we might do them here in North America hmmm)...
-stimulate your brain

Social Wellness
-Think proper dinner with family, it doesn't have to be extended family, think walks with friends
-be close with other humans, which doesn't mean you need to head to the bar scene every weekend, but seek meaningful relationships with a few people around you

Environmental Wellness
-get in touch with your surroundings and accept them for what they are
-go outside, often
-don't always wear shoes
-run on the earth not always pavement etc.
-tune in to nature regularly 
-breathe fresh air

Occupational Wellness
-be engaged at work
-choose work that is the best fit for your personality & skill set
-stay positive & create personal goals

Emotional Wellness
-don't let others quick opinions & views shift you from where you stand, take care of you. People don't have to get you and you don't have to justify anything to those that don't understand
-define your own perspective
-set routine to be aware of your emotions and in turn manage those emotions
-live beyond your feelings
-there's nothing wrong with support


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