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Women In Business

As the sole proprietor of Babar Too Co. I know what it's like to be a women in business, all by yourself. The stereotypes often prove true and the economic times don't make things any easier. 

Recently I've read a great book by Julie V. Watson called 'How Women Make Money' and I've put together some highlights of what she says coupled with my own thoughts to help all you amazing women out there who are fed up with working for someone else's agenda and want to kick start their own! I believe we should work together, competition or not. People often look at me funny when I share my suppliers etc but if no one helps others, what is there to gain? 

I encourage you more than absolutely anything, to be persistent. Failure only becomes reality when one gives up. Otherwise, make lots of mistakes on the way to your success and learn from them! Don't set unrealistic time frames is probably one of the key things I've learned over the last few years. Be patient, and work hard. 

*Revisit & Revise your mission statement on a regular basis i.e the same time annually and when goals change, change your plan. Define your destination and your steps to get there

*Don't overlook obvious things, sometimes the best idea is small and simple, It doesn't have to be complicated

*Have Moxie! (determination, force of character, nerve!)

*There are countless things you can be doing to achieve a goal, write them down and do them

*Know your strengths and weaknesses, both personally and within your business, and use them to your advantage. Do a skills inventory

*Align the things you want to accomplish in your personal life with the things you want to accomplish in your business life

*Love what you do

* Stay your independent self, find your niche (I just found it too frustrating and difficult to work for other people any longer! Now I embrace my independence and profit on the challenge)

*Treat what you do as a business (I learned the hard way you can't just give everyone a discount and free product even if they are your friends! You are in business to make money.)

*Know your business, and your market. Be knowledgeable. Be more than people expect

*Use available resources i.e industry contacts, community organizations etc.

*'be genuine and authentic'


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