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2 Herbs to Turn to this Spring for Detox & Health!

Classic Peppermint aka Mentha piperita has been used for centuries as a digestive aid and for upset stomach and even nausea. It has awakening and clearing properties, right down to the potential morning mucous! It is an analgesic and potential blood cleanser. Excellent for aiding rid of: indigestion, gas, ulcers &  heartburn. Tea is most common although available in capsules

Milk Thistle aka Silybum marianum is an excellent liver cleanser with detoxifying properties for use with hepatitis and cirrhosis as a result of an over consumption of alcohol , usually taken in tincture form but is also available as a tea and in capsules


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Our Favorite Scents

We are honored to offer you & take pride in our unique line of quality all natural scents. These are just some of our personal favorites & best sellers! 
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In both world wars garlic was given to soldiers to help fend off gangrene. It wards off food poisoning, helps our hearts by relaxing blood vessels allowing blood to pass more easily, known to decrease risk of various cancers and can help prevent the common cold. Need we say more?!?

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