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Epsom Salts

It's documented that the first use medicinally of Epsom Salts was in the 17th century in Epsom, England. It was found that well water that contained the compound magnesium sulphate had great healing properties. Epsom Salts are used to this day for their soothing properties! Check out Babar Too Co's great line of Bath Salts.

Supplements To Help Your Liver

Beets and Beetroot Juice - one of the most detoxifying foods you can eat due to the high levels of betaine
Dandelion - Actually a weed, it has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to detoxify and as a diuretic, and for it's anti inflammatory properties
Milk Thistle - a Mediterranean weed that has silymarin in it which helps the liver to repair itself
Resveratrol - It's the stuff in red wine (minus the alcohol) reduces fat deposits in the liver and helps the liver to detoxify itself