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BTC's Pondering

Does a Revolution change an economy...            The Clash of civilizations...
Difficulties we inherit by humancondition(by default)...
LivingOff the Grid...

Christmas Ideas

Music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Joseph Hayden. Ludwig van Beethoven. Antonio Lucio Vivaldi


Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
The Bells of St. Mary's (1945)
Jamie's Best Christmas Ever (Jamie Oliver/Food Network)

BTC's Christmas & Seasonal Scents

Bavarian Chocolate. CandyCane. Coffee.Anise. Eucalyptus, Soya Cinnamon, Orange Citrus, Cranberry Clove,
Pure Peppermint

Lip Balms *Body Scrubs *Linen & Room Sprays *Bath Salts

Quick Country Profile

Officially: the Republic of the Union of Myanmar- Burma
Major City: Yangon (Rangoon)
Population: 60 million, 90% literacy rate according to UNESCO

Bordered by Bangladesh on the west, Laos to the east, China on it's northeast, Thailand and the Bay of Bengal

Think: Buddhism and economic sanctions, tropical fruits, rice and jungles

Very Brief Overview:  Evidence shows life as early as 2500BC in Burma. In the 18th century it was colonized by Britain. In 1988 due to civil unrest with the government, thousands of demonstrators were killed and the General staged a coup d’├ętat, where the State Law Order Restoration Council (SLORC) was formed, who then declared marshal law (and changed the official country name). The military continued to rule until March 2011.  Burma is part of the Association Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Climate: Situated within monsoon region of Asia. Usually 21-32*C

Today their health is ranked among the poorest in the worl…