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Spring Cleaning For Your Health

In our Front Yard
Open Up - Open those windows & let the fresh air in!

Clear Out - Get rid of harmful cleansers in your closet & cupboards. Lots of disinfectants used at home contain formaldehyde, chlorine, & ammonia. They're released into the air when you clean & inhaled. They also linger after cleaning is over. Switch to non-toxic cleaning products or make your own! Don't forget to switch your laundry detergent too!                                                                          

Watch What You Wear - Wear natural fabrics like cotton & silk, or newer trends like bamboo & hemp. Your skin is the largest organ of the body!

Eat Well- Try to avoid herbicides, fungicides, & insecticides by purchasing organic and/or washing your foods well

Walk- If you're able, walk to work & school & everywhere you can for that matter. Try to walk where there is no air pollution from traffic, even  just a short distance away is much better!

Light Candles-…