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Thank you to our Lovely Customers!

Testimonials from Babar Too Co customers...
'EEEEEEEEE, I love love love the lavender lotion'...  K. Adams
'People are loving it, I should have ordered more'... Massage WORKS
'I only use your lip balm now'... L. Oliver
'Of everything I've tried on the market, the healing balm is the only thing that's worked'... E. Andrews

The Benefits of Hemp Seeds
Skin LOVES Hemp
Topically, hemp seed offers us extreme moisturizing and hydrating properties. It is loaded, with almost 80% essential fatty acids (EFA's which are a very good thing) and they hold anti-inflammatory properties. They're used in high quality anti aging products. They contribute to our skin's natural barrier process, helping us retain moisture with use. It is also the only plant that contains Vitamin D, which helps in the absorption of calcium, boosts immunity, and aids in blood pressure among many other things!