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Important Little Bees

Bees are a vital part of nature and they are one of the planets busiest workers. It is said that they pollinate up to 30% of the food we eat. They play a strong role in our ecosystems and act as pollinators. In areas including temperate deciduous forests, tropical forests and mangrove, lots of species of plants and animals would not survive if bees wern't there. This is due to the production of nuts & seeds, fruits & berries is very dependent on insect pollination; among all the pollinating insects, bees are the main pollinators.

However, scientists have noticed a decline in the world’s bee population. This is of huge concern since they are so vital to the human food chain. Even Albert Einstein once said that if bees were to disappear, so would the human race.

There are different theories as to why bees are declining in numbers including stress and diet of bees that are being transported and fed artificial supplements. Others say its related to radiation and in particular that of cell phones. Of course diminishing natural bee environments plays a role due to increased suburban areas. There’s also the argument of genetically modified food and pesticides. The effects of global warming are also being considered, as it affects the temperature bees need to survive.

Don't forget the vital nutrients provided by been pollen! It's loaded with B vitamins and is suggested to boost your immunity, mental health, and stamina, lower blood pressure, help with acne, arthritis, digestion, and the reproductive system. It contains lecithin which helps you body assimilate vitamins, and removes fat stores in the body whilst boosting metabolism. People with athsma or an allergy to bees and/or its pollen should be careful with bee pollen.

Bee pollen is known to be one of the world's superfoods!


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