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History of Elmhirst Resort

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(as taken directly from their website
In the year 1818, King George IV of England granted to Phillip James Elmhirst, a lieutenant of the Royal Navy, one thousand acres of Crown Land on the north shore of Rice Lake, as a reward for his efforts against Napoleon in the Battle of Trafalgar. Emigrating from his Lincolnshire, England farm Phillip landed at Port Hope in 1819 and established his new home to the north of our present location.

Frank Elmhirst, the grandfather of present owner Peter Elmhirst, acquired a new piece of property, originally known as ‘Walker Farm’, on the edge of Rice Lake in 1906. This land, totaling 340 acres with a full mile of scenic shoreline, is the site of the present day resort. With it’s panoramic view of the lake and its many islands, the location was, and is, a perfect site for a year round vacation destination.

Frank Elmhirst augmented his farm income by constructing small cabins along the lakeshore and renting them to visiting fishermen anxious to take advantage of Rice Lake’s reputation as an anglers paradise. When his son Arthur returned from serving as a test pilot in WW II, he inherited the property and replaced the cabins with fully equipped cottages. The resort became a full-time occupation for Arthur, his wife Mary Belle and their children Peter and Ruth.
After graduating from Ryerson’s Hotel and Resort Administration program in 1965 Peter returned home to devote his attention to building the business, which he soon purchased from his father. In 1968 the resort opened year round providing four seasons of activity for guests.

In 1981, the Hearthside Dining Room opened, providing food service for cottage guests and local patrons. The view overlooking Rice Lake continues to be a popular feature for diners and special occasion attendees.

The addition of an indoor pool, outdoor pool, riding stables in 1996 and a health club in 1997 not only enhanced the product but created new markets from Europe as well as local conference delegates and year round vacationers.


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