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Makin' Up A Fresh Batch!

Temple Balms

shown here in lovely lavender & pure peppermint

Healing Balms

shown here is our Original Healing Balm (our most popular!), Baby Balm, & 'New' Breast Balm for post surgery

Bath Salts
shown here in Orange, Lovely Lavender, & Eucalyptus

Babar Too Co.'s Huntsville - gets the G8 Summit

With a minimum of 5,000 journalists set to attend, 15,000 police, military and security personel, and protesters estimated in the 1000's, it's been big news to the Huntsville community that we're hosting this year's G8 Summit.
It's been estimated that the summit will cost in excess of 50 million on town improvements. Yet somewhat still unreal to us, is the fact that Air Force One is scheduled to be landing in North Bay. Exciting, but as a locals somewhat unexpected!
The most peaceful summit was held in Japan in 2008, it was also the most recent. Topics to be discussed include biodiversity, climate change, the world economy, energy, Iran, Africa, fragile and vulnerable states, crime, terrorism, and peace to name a few. On Harper's agenda, children's health in the poorest regions in the world.  
Local businesses that stretch far and wide across Muskoka, Parry Sound and the Near North, are anticipating, and to some extent already enjoying, the influx of potentia…