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It's May, Congratulations...Now R E L A X

The gardens are growing, greening, and changing everyday. The soil awaits the rain! And ahhh, the flowers bloom. Congatulations, we've all made it to glorious May!

Thank you for the positive feedback on our Mother's Day baskets. We trust everyone was able to be extra nice to their momma's whether in person or thought!

It's about time to treat yourself to some you time, as little workoholic BabarTooers, we know how necessary, exhilirating and sometimes just plain thrilling some chill time can be. Whether you've got half hour for a soak, a whole evening for a mini spa, or an entire weekend to hide away being innocently naughty, along side our bath and body line, we recommend a home spa of sorts...

TIDBIT: Use some simple household ingredients to make a quick, 'personalized' face or body mask and then enjoy some relaxation time in the tub and come out feeling fabulous and refreshed...

TIDBIT TIP: Try some of these lush ingredients:

Lemon- for brighter and softer skin, works as an antiseptic too!
Sugar-great exfoliation properties... just be gentle.
Honey- soothing with healing properties and great for acne
Yogurt- the probiotics are excellent for dry and sensitive skin
and the cleansing properties are great for all skin types
Avocado- known as the youth mineral,
high in vitamins A, D, and E


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Does Food Affect Our Mood?

Darn right it does! All those nutrients in healthy food have a huge impact on your brain function and therefore your mood. Think as your body as one big machine, if all the parts are working properly by obtaining the right fuel, all systems should be good to go! 
95% of serotonin is created in our gut and so is GABA. The bacteria in our gut is called our microbiome, a diverse ecosystem, and it makes up approximately 1 kg of weight in the average adult. This bacteria protects our intestinal lining, aids in digestion and the absorption of the nutrients found in what we eat, and even aids the manufacturing of neurotransmitters creating a link between our gut and our brain. 
When we eat nutrient rich whole foods we are enabling our bodies to function as they were designed.  Probiotics, prebiotics and fermented foods all aid our gut bacteria. Fibre rich foods help the bacteria in our colon. 
So bring on the whole foods (foods that have not been altered) and create a great ecosytem within you!…

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Our health is so very important. When our bodies are working as they should, health=HEAL, when our amazing bodies can actually heal themselves from the inside. Nurture yourself :)
Here's just a reminder of what to be conscious of when it comes to our personal health.  Amy Green from the University of Calgary gave us some food for thought. Here's a brief synopsis:

Physical Wellness -sweat out toxins, exercise, sauna -eat foods that enable our bodies to be HEALthy -know your bodies sensitivities to food 
Spiritual Wellness -often people find this through religious means, we recommend skipping the 'religion' and having a close and intimate relationship with God directly -regular meditation, think even just 5 minutes a day -know how to forgive, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Be compassionate
Intellectual Wellness -take part in creative processes -engage in life long learning, this can be different for everyone. Interact constantly with people smarter than yourself, visit galleries and museums,…

Natural Remedies to Aid in Asthma Relief

I had severe asthma as a child, but my parents were very anti 'steroid filled puffers' and thank goodness. Of course had them when I needed them but they were smart to look hard at alternatives and quickly. 

As a baby I had severe asthma attacks, by the time I was 12, I did not need another puffer again. I truly believe with faith, and a proper health plan, you can manage your own asthma. In worst case scenarios puffers are a good emergency go to, but should not be an everyday norm. 

I found a great deal of relief breathing in menthol found in real essential oils including eucalyptus, not synthetic scents. A turning point came for me when I started seeing a reflexologist and my parents continued the recommended therapies at home including massaging the proper pressure points in my feet. 

Often just changing your diet can alleviate severe asthma symptoms. Many foods contain anti inflammatory properties including raw fruits and veg, and wild salmon (not farmed). 

Antioxidant rich fo…